Learn To Fly – A Helicopter!

Learning to fly a chopper can be rather exciting, and of course, it´s better that you attend a proper training course! But how hard is it to learn this skill? First of all, you should find a school that has some well-maintained basic helicopters available for flight instruction. These are the cheapest helicopters to train in, although “cheap” is not a good term in this case. It is an expensive pastime, but if you persist through the hard times of learning to hover, then you’ll be ready for the subsequent flying courses. Learning the fundamentals is fun as long as you have the time and money to invest.

Free As A Bird

There can be many good reasons for learning to fly a helicopter. Prince Harry flies helicopters to help in elephant conservation, which might be a quite interesting pastime! Helicopters are often used to save people in inaccessible locations, like hikers that get lost in the mountains or people stranded out at sea. They are also very useful when it comes to firefighting or bringing people to the hospital after serious accidents. You don`t have to become one of these heroes, it might be a good enough reason just to feel as free as a bird! However, it might be an important thing to understand why you want to start learning this skill. There are many different courses available for the different personal goals that you might have or even if you are just doing it for fun.

You´ll Meet A Lot Of Challenges

It might be very challenging learning to fly a helicopter. However, it´s absolutely possible for anyone who knows multi-tasking and who has a good sense of balance and coordination. Indeed, it also helps here to have a good level of muscle control. Why do you need all of these skills? Well, flying is all about balancing a number of tasks at once. These tasks need to be assigned, mentally and physically, to different limbs. First of all, you have to control an up and down motion with your left arm. That´s for using the collective pitch control. Then you operate your right arm on the joystick-like control. At the same time, your feet need to adjust the pedals and maintain a smooth flow through the air. Unlike driving a car, you can not just stop, so it also takes a high level of concentration. For anyone who likes a challenge, it is a great hobby!