Flying In An Antique Plane

Aeroplanes are magnificent machines that transverse our skies. Most people find them a mystery, but those who have ridden in one will tell of the thrill that accompanies it. Even more fascinating, is learning how to fly them. An adrenaline fueled activity which is both exciting and fast. The mechanics behind this invention nowadays, allow it to propel at extremely high speeds. Technology has helped to enhance the models, but planes from the olden days are still held in high regard. They are much simpler versions of what is common today. Most antique planes have a slice of history attached to them, such as being used in the great World Wars, which makes them even more enticing.

Flying In A World War Fighter Jet Model

Flying in a passenger plane is a common occurrence for most people today, but imagine what it would be like to fly in a vintage World War Two model. Imagine a trip in a Spitfire, whose design incorporates bombs and a high powered rifle to penetrate enemy lines. It is a feat that is almost unheard of, given how rare such planes are now around the globe. Most of these planes nowadays are either broken down or wonderful artefacts which can only be seen in museums. Let us not also forget the outstanding price tags pinned on them due to their rarity. Making a trip, however short, in one of these jewels is a once in a lifetime privilege. The Spitfire model was used by Britain during the infamous war, but can now rarely even be seen flying at air shows.

Flying In A Synchronised Formation

If you think flying in a plane is fun, then you would love the stunts that come with flying in formations. Two or more planes fly side by side and execute manoeuvres that are mindblowing. Flying in a formation is a more disciplined approach to the art and takes rigorous training to perfect. Very few people have the opportunity to learn, let alone have a first-hand experience in the air. They say flying is one of the greatest thrills known to humanity, and in this context, it is no different. Synchronised flying is a spectacle to behold, and being in one of the aircraft at that very moment, shifts the spotlight onto you. It is reminiscent of over seven decades ago when those same aircraft shook the earth thunderously with bombs. Antique planes have a huge following and are also highly collectable. When looking for classic aviation material, find flying memorabilia at