Intranet Systems in Aviation Education

Learning to fly requires advanced knowledge of many aspects of the plane and takes hours of intense training. Often, it is only sometimes possible to get hands-on experience, and some lessons can be taken at ground level. For example, studying health and safety is a critical component in getting your license and doesn’t necessarily require being on the plane. Many airfields today employ the use of intranet systems, transforming classrooms into a digital workplace from Omnia for ease of learning.

Future of Flight Training with Intranet Systems

There are many similarities between learning to fly and undertaking the training for any new career. For instance, flight training can take place anywhere, and not necessarily in a specific physical location. Utilizing the same set-up as a digital workplace from Omnia, lessons can be uploaded onto the intranet system and continually updated. For communication purposes, trainee pilots can use the supplied messaging apps to discuss any problems with their tutor.

Flight training is not a choice to be made lightly, as it requires intense concentration and many hours of commitment. But once the license is acquired, it can lead to a lucrative and satisfying career anywhere in the world.