Fly Me to the Moon: Advantages of Being a Pilot with Different Certifications

Travelling is a luxury to many of us, but a way of life for pilots. If you are a very well-trained pilot and if you are employed by an airline company, then there are several benefits that you and your family can enjoy throughout your aviation career. The airline companies which are actively working in Americas and Europe provide financial benefits for pilots and their families as well. For example, if you are a pilot employed by Turkish Airlines, Air France or Lufthansa then your first line family members can have flights along with you in the same aircraft without paying a fee. Some airline companies offer a certain amount of flights free of charge within amount to the members of the pilot’s family. Despite all these benefits, the number of commercial pilots is not sufficient to satisfy the growing demand for them all around the world.

Advantages of Being a Pilot

Having a career in the aviation sector and becoming an airline pilot requires individuals to receive strict training and a tight schedule which the candidates are monitored for the skills that they are gaining during the education. However, at the end of the day, all those difficulties payback to the commercial pilots in terms of benefits. Firstly, pilots do not get worried anymore about the travel distances or the most popular hotels for their dream holidays. With a well-payed salary, pilots can book their holiday destinations regardless of the available hotels such as the engelberg hotel or a natural five-star holiday resort. Airline pilots possess a variety of options with a great salary and free airline tickets. Therefore, they just enjoy their holidays along with their career. Here is a short summary of financial benefits and career advantages of being a pilot:

  • Commercial pilots all around the world are offered full health benefits which come along with their enriched health insurance. Commercial pilots are very well taken care of, especially with the regular one in six months physical and psychological check-ups.
  • There is always some amount of paid vacation and at least a week of sick accrual which makes the commercial pilots relaxed about their job.
  • Commercial pilots enjoy infinite travel possibilities with different destinations to land on and take off. Usually, there are a couple of days between the consecutive flights, therefore commercial pilots are given the opportunity to explore the country that they landed on.
  • The visa procedures and elaborated visa applications are handled by the airline company if you are a commercial pilot. It might still be necessary for you to attend personal visa interview if it is stated.
  • The need for new pilots worldwide is around 637 thousand. To fill this gap, a competitive and enticing salary is offered to commercial pilots.

Six Different Pilot Certifications

Future pilots and candidates need to choose one certification among the six programs offered to become a pilot: sports pilot, recreational pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, flight instructor and airline transport pilot.